The abandoned cabin is a cabin in Portola Redwoods State Park, where Sebastian Torres was discovered after his disappearance.[1]

Description Edit

The cabin hadn’t been lived in for at least 65 years when the State of California took over the park. Occasionally, hikers would use the building for shelter from rain, but the cabin was so far off the main trail that most people didn't know it was there.

By the time Alex and Tannis find it, its windows have been boarded up.

Appearances Edit

Episode 107: Sebastian Torres is discovered at the cabin, three days after his disappearance. Once the local police department has finished investigating the cabin, they permit Tannis Braun to conduct an "on-site reading" inside, accompanied by Alex Reagan. Inside, Alex and Tannis find the south wall covered in mysterious, "childlike" drawings, which visually resemble the drawings in Sebastian's closet and Simon Reese's hospital room, and which visibly disturb Tannis.

Quotes Edit

  • "It's not a church." "Are you sure?" – Alex Reagan & Simon Reese[1][2]
  • "This place is not– good." – Tannis Braun[1][2]

References Edit

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