Alex Reagan
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First Appearance Episode 101
Twitter @AlexReaganRadio

Alex Reagan is the host of the Black Tapes Podcast, which is produced by Nic Silver.

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Alex was a segment producer for Pacific Northwest Stories for three years prior to starting the Black Tapes podcast.[1]

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Nic Silver: Nic and Alex are close friends, as well as coworkers. They generally have an amicable relationship, although sometimes Nic will step in when he worries about Alex or doubts her journalistic ethics. Alex has made short appearances on Nic's other podcast, TANIS.

Richard Strand: Alex and Dr. Strand have a generally amicable relationship, although they can find themselves at odds (due either to Richard's frustration with Alex's credulity and reporting methods, or to her frustration at his closemindedness and recalcitrance).

Alex's mother: As of Episode 102, according to Alex, she and her mother are close; they speak "every Sunday"

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