Alexander Scriabin was a 19th Century Russian composer. Professor Alan Downes describes him as a mystic with a deep interest in theosophy.

Background Edit

Scriabin composed atonal works inspired by theosophy and his own synesthesia.

His known works include Black Mass and The Satanic Poem.

Professor Downes claims that some of Scriabin's time believed he had sold his soul to the devil.

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Mentions & Appearances Edit

Episode 109: In a Skype message, Keith Dabic suggests that Alex research Scriabin. She talks to Professor Alan Downes, who tells her about Scriabin and his works.

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Quotes Edit

  • "Ah, the great, misunderstood Scriabin... he could have been another Tchaikovsky, or Rachmaninov." – Prof. Alan Downes[1]
  • "I am come to tell you the secret of life, the secret of death, the secret of heaven and earth. I am God. I am nothing. I am life." – journal of Alexander Scriabin[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Scriabin liked using augmented fourths, also known as "the Devil's interval".[1]

References Edit

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