Amalia Chenkova is an investigative journalist based in Moscow, as well as a personal friend of Nic and Alex. She disappeared after receiving a mysterious letter strongly suggesting she drop her investigation.

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"Many years" in the past, Amalia was in a relationship with Nic Silver, although the circumstances surrounding their original meeting are unknown. Amalia and Alex Reagan also seem to share a long-time acquaintance.

At some point after the start of her relationship with Nic, Amalia did some unspecified freelance work for Pacific Northwest Stories.[1]

Prior to the release of Episode 110, Amalia agreed to investigate Keith Dabic and Percival Black. Her investigation led her to the Order of the Cenophus.

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Episode 110: Amalia tells Alex what she's learned about the Order of the Cenophus, and sends a video of the exorcism at Glushka. Near the end of the episode, Alex informs the audience that Amalia went missing 3 weeks before the release of the episode.

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Alex Reagan: Alex considers Amalia a friend, and the two seem to have a good rapport.

Nic Silver: Nic is Amalia's ex-boyfriend. Amalia seems to still view him fondly, although she claims that Nic owes her 200 francs.[1]

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