We are introduced to Black Tape #1 at the end of Episode 101, and its investigation is the subject of most of Episode 102.

Black Tape #1 starts with a scene from Robert Torres' fifth birthday party. The footage was shot in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. There is a tall, dark figure in the background. A man, but more specifically, the shadow of a man. It is a dark shadow in the background, standing next to an old shed by a wire fence. It looks like a tall man wearing a hat. Alex describes it as impossibly thin, and it almost could be mistaken for the shadow of a tree if it didn’t have arms or legs.[1]

The second scene on the tape is from Robert Torres' wedding, age 42. The footage was shot in San Francisco, California. The same dark figure is present, by the stage in the church near the organist. Alex says it has fingers the size of her forearms.[1]

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