Brayden Court claims to have been engaged to Coralee Strand before she met Dr. Richard Strand.[1]

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According to Dr. Strand, Brayden and Coralee once had a one night stand, after which she had to get a restraining order against him.

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Episode 105: Brayden meets with Alex in a café to warn . When she asks him about the mysterious message on her phone, he denies knowledge of it.

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Coralee Strand: Brayden claims that he and Coralee were once engaged.

Dr. Richard Strand: Brayden considers Dr. Strand guilty of Coralee's murder.

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"Brayden Court is a fundamentalist nutjob. Coralee was never his girlfriend." – Dr. Richard Strand[1]

"He looked like a librarian: a bit nervous, but pretty docile." – Alex Reagan[1]

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