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Dr. Strand's wife, who disappeared in 1997 under mysterious circumstances. Strand maintains she went missing during a road trip when he left the car to pay for gas.

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She is part of the Cult of Tiamat, through which she was given the task of "Watcher". Her assignment is to keep Dr. Strand safe. Meaning their marriage was arranged (without Strand's knowledge). She admits later in 2x11 that she did end up falling in love with him.

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Dr. Richard Strand: Spouse. After Coralee's disappearance, Dr. Strand was suspected of her murder. However, she actually disappeared to protect Strand and herself from Thomas Warren and other high ranking members of the Cult of Tiamat.

Charlie Strand: Daughter.

June Jacobsen: Coralee's mother. June believes Coralee is alive and possibly living in Montana based on a postcard she received a few years ago.

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Episode 211: Coralee rescues Alex Reagan and Strand from mysterious men probably intending to cause them harm.

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Coralee was née Coralee Jacobson.

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