Dr. Emily Dumont is the author of a bestselling book on the subject of location hauntings, and teaches religious studies at the University of Illinois in Urbana.

She describes herself as a medium by profession, but also claims to experience some ‘light clairvoyance’.

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Alex describes her as “stout, with short bangs and a Ramones t shirt. Her huge brown eyes are filled with the sparkle of a much younger woman.”

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Dr. Richard Strand: Like many members of the paranormal community, Dr. Dumont is not fond of Dr. Strand.

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Episode 101: Alex interviews Dr. Dumont while attempting to learn more about paranormal phenomena and researchers. Later, the Doctor invites Alex along on a paranormal investigation at City Trust. She later identifies a photo of someone's great grandfather as the apparition of an old man she claimed to see during the investigation.

Episode 103: Dr. Strand plays a YouTube clip of Dr. Dumont for Alex as an example of "people that set us back. Socially...and culturally."

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• Dr. Dumont has written 17 books, including Field Guide to the Paranormal, Ghost Hunting for Dummies, Monsters and Magic, A Guide to Ethereal Beings, and Past Lives and Your Wedding. She is also the co-author of four additional books, and has written ‘some fiction’, which she describes as “fifty shades of gray but darker, and more literary”.[1]

• She keeps scrapbooks and photo albums of past investigations in her office, include apparitions, serial hauntings, poltergeists, water spirits, shadows and shades, possessions, and "a few collections of Chemtrail evidence". There's a section devoted to demonic occurrences, which she's broken into Sumerian, Babylonian, Lovecraftian, and "Christian and more traditional demonics".

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