"Their Satanic Monastery's Request" aired on September 14, 2015

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The Order of the Cenophus and the Glushka Seance Edit

Alex receives a call from her friend, Amalia Chenkova, a journalist based in Moscow that used to do contract work for PNWS and who once dated Nic. Amalia provides some information on Percival Black: namely, that after she drove to the abbey in Saransk to ask if she could speak with Black, the abbot said that he had taken a vow of silence, and Alex concluded that was probably due to their conversation in the previous episode; the abbot also hadn't heard of Keith Dabic, but Amalia says she has a friend digging into his location as well as Black's history. Amalia also provides information regarding the Benedictine order to which Black belongs, called the Order of the Cenophus: an affiliated monastery in Glushka was the site of a suicide in 1742, where one of the Cenophus monks, Ivan--who had supposedly sold his soul to the devil--threw himself from the top floor of the tower.

Amalia sends Alex footage of a seance conducted in the Glushka monastery in 1983, showing a woman leading a group of monks in a discussion with a spirit, whom the woman believes at first to be a child named Nicholas or Sasha, but that is revealed to be a demon whose presence the medium wants to exorcise, and prompts the monks to end the seance. While the event was happening, the table at times could be seen shaking, and the medium--Clara Simone--seemed to be in a trance while drawing tall, shadowy figures on sheets of paper and removed by her assistant as they progressed.

Strand later watches the footage, and identifies Clara's speciality of allegedly being able to identify and exorcise demons, though he dismisses her as a fraud. Alex contacts Clara, and Clara explains that she believes she's been able to see spirits her entire life, noting one incident when she was a child and saw what appeared to be a demon in her bedroom, and became angry at its presence and demanded that it leave. She has believed since that incident that she is blessed as a vessel of the Lord to exorcise demons from the world of the living. She warns Alex not to speak any demon's name at the risk of attracting it and growing its powers, and that the devil is amassing an army to wage war with god, especially composed of demons such as these.

Interview with Charlie Strand Edit

Alex resumes her conversation with Charlie, where she admits that she was with her father while they searched for Coralee after her disappearance. Charlie wouldn't expand on what happened during the time she and Strand were searching, or what prompted her to eventually go to stay with her grandparents.

When Alex later asks Strand why Charlie would have run away, he reveals that Coralee was having an affair at the time, information that he passed on to Charlie who didn't react well to the news.

Amalia's Followers Edit

Amalia tells Alex that she found a note under her door one day, saying “we know what you are researching, we strongly suggest that you drop your investigation.” As she's investigating more than the leads Alex is interested in, Amalia couldn't say with certainty what the warning was in reference to. She concludes their conversation with providing Alex contact information for Percival Black's former roommate in Bath.

Alex ends the piece by saying that that was the last time she'd heard from Amalia, almost three weeks prior.

Coralee Strand / Lisa Graves Edit

Nic had sent a picture of Lisa Graves, Coralee's college roommate, to Tina Stevenson, the owner of the store in Lake Tahoe where Lisa was supposed to have a P.O. box. After Tina denied any resemblance between that photo and the person she knows as Lisa, Alex sent a photo of Coralee instead, and Tina confirmed her as the woman she knows as Lisa Graves.

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Alex Reagan, producer and host

Nic Silver, producer

Amalia Chenkova, Russian journalist

Charlie Strand, Richard's daughter

Dr. Richard Strand, paranormal investigator

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Clara Simone, medium

Tina Stevenson, Lake Tahoe store owner

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