"Shadow Dancing" aired on October 12, 2015.

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Alex talks to Strand over the phone regarding the images of the cave paintings found just outside of Bath that Alice Kermode sent, but he denies any connection between the images there of the upside-down faces and the same sort of image seen elsewhere, as in the cabin where Sebastian Torres was found. Strand tells Alex to look up cave drawings in Sicily that also bear a resemblance to the figures, and dismisses seeing the upside-down faces as apophenia.

Sebastian's Kidnapper Found Edit

Nic tells Alex Chief Colins called to tell them Sebastian's kidnapper had been found--Edward Lewis--and he was calling because the kidnapper would only speak with Strand. Colins said that the kidnapper had returned to the cabin and was waiting to be found, and he had been listening to the podcast. Nick says Colins had booked a flight for Strand and he was already on his way, but that no one else would be permitted to be present during the questioning.

Nic does some digging into Lewis' profile, and discovers a news item from 1985 where a community of monks had been discovered hiding in the mountains near the Washington/Idaho border, and they were last seen heading toward the Pandore River Basin, which is where the body of Sarah Benning had been found.

Nic later plays the audio from the interview Strand conducted with Lewis, upon its release from the lawyers. At the start of the interview, Lewis dismisses his lawyer and asks Strand to call him Brother Edward, as he belongs to a holy order that has now closed, called the Brothers of the Mount. When Strand asks why he kidnapped Sebastian, Lewis suggests that Strand knows why, as there are times when Strand wishes he wasn't "so alone", and asks Strand if, during those times, he's ever felt "an other". Lewis tells Strand that Sebastian has a gift, and that Strand has seen things that have provoked the attention of The Advocate, a person that Lewis doesn't identify but that he claims is watching Strand.

Strand dismisses the interview as Lewis' mad suggestions that people like Sebastian are the keys to opening a portal to hell.

Cave Paintings in New Mexico Edit

Nic tells Alex that he discovered images of cave paintings in New Mexico that resemble the ones Alice sent, so he arranged for Alex to go to the Urraca Mesa ruins with John Uvela, a first class Boy Scout. John drives Alex as far as they can go by vehicle, and they hike the rest of the way to the site. John explains that the area is supposedly cursed, as the people that used to inhabit the area--the Anasazi--mysteriously disappeared at the end of the 13th century. The markings left after their disappearance suggest violent rituals involving dismemberment and cannibalism. John leads Alex into a cave and points out images of figures holding heads on sticks, and leads Alex to another cave with the images that look very similar to the ones from Bath, though he says he's sure the Anasazi didn't make it all the way to England. He explains that the paintings tell a story of a war the Anasazi fought against evil spirits, with an army of people following a taller figure that was their leader. As the story goes, the Anasazi fought the demon forces back through a gateway, thereafter building a series of totems to keep the gateway locked. John says only two totems are still standing, but when these fall, the gateway will open again. Alex discovers a symbol etched into the cave wall of what appears to be a large, simple, upside-down mask.

On her way back to the airport, Alex stops by John's office, where he tells her his wife is a fan of the show; once he discovered the podcast involved the paranormal, John realized he had video footage Alex might be interested in seeing. It was of two boys--a younger John and his now-deceased friend, Dave--who were shooting a movie in the caves John and Alex had been exploring. The footage captured Dave warning John that something was in the cave, and shortly thereafter a dark figure came flying out in front of the camera. When the frame was paused, a dark, cloven-hooved figure with sharp teeth could be seen. John tells Alex he submitted the footage to the Strand Institute, but never heard back.

Back in Seattle, Alex asks Strand if he remembers seeing the footage, but he doesn't recognize the description.

Thomas Warren Edit

Alex notices a familiar face on the TV in the waiting room of the studio, and she identifies him as the man who approached her in the cafe in the previous episode, whom she believed at the time to be Carl Jenkins. The man on TV was identified as Thomas Warren.

Lisa Graves / Coralee Strand Edit

Tina Stevenson leaves a voicemail message for Alex, saying that Lisa Graves just came to the post office to collect her mail. But last episode, Tina had positively identified a photo of Coralee as being the woman she knows as Lisa Graves.

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Recurring Characters Edit

Alex Reagan, host and producer

Dr. Richard Strand, paranormal investigator

Nic Silver, producer

Guest Characters Edit

John Uvela, Boy Scout and guide

Edward Lewis, Brother of the Mount

Thomas Warren (on television), CEO of Daeva Corp.

Tina Stevenson, shop owner in Lake Tahoe

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