"Sleepless in Seattle" aired on January 19, 2016.

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Nic and Alex do a recap of the end of season one: that Keith Dabic is in Russia as far as they know, how Percival Black, the Brothers of the Mount and the Order of the Cenophus tie in together, and that Thomas Warren has been identified as the CEO of Daiva Corp. though they're still trying to locate and contact him.

Strand's (Temporary) Departure Edit

Strand confronts Alex, claiming she has been misrepresenting him and his assessments of their investigations, that she has been playing up the paranormal angle on purpose. Alex argues she was only offsetting Strand's overtly skeptical conclusions, but he maintains that she has been sensationalising their investigations, and he also demands Alex cease her investigation into Coralee's disappearance. When Alex mentions that her disappearance is connected to the Black Tapes, Strand denies this and ends the conversation. When Alex later tries to call Strand, she gets his assistant Ruby instead, and she informs Alex that Strand has taken an unofficial and temporary leave for an indeterminate amount of time.

Haunting at the Yi House Edit

Rebecca Yi, a single mother in Seattle, contacts Alex to investigate the strange occurrences surrounding her daughter, Katie. Two years ago when Katie was four years old, Rebecca was working in the dining room of their home when she heard a loud noise coming from Katie's room, like heavy furniture being moved; the one possibility would have been Katie's large bed that took four men to move. Rebecca heard the same sound late at night, and when she went to check on Katie, she saw that the bed had moved a foot away from the wall, though Katie was still sleeping. A month later, the sounds had stopped, but Rebecca could then hear Katie talking to someone in the middle of the night, and she found Katie standing on her bed and smiling at the wall. In the coming days, Katie would laugh and tell her mother that her "friend" made her laugh, and that he had a name that was hard to pronounce. While Rebecca had taken Katie to see a child psychologist, she also installed a nanny cam to determine whether her nanny, Elizabeth, could also be the source of the noises. Footage revealed a crow crashing through their living room window, and later, Katie staring into the camera with her neck bent at an odd angle, though she didn't know where the camera was. The footage also shows what appears to be the top of someone's head at the bottom of the frame, and when Rebecca zooms in to Katie's coloring book, drawings and symbols similar to those in the case of Simon Reese could be seen. Rebecca said she submitted her case to the Strand Institute, but Strand dismissed the incident as a technical glitch, and implied the footage was part of a hoax. Rebecca next shows Alex a photo she'd taken of the floor under Katie's bed, showing symbols and numbers also similar to those found in Simon Reese's room.

Alex interviews Katie's nanny, Elizabeth, but she denies Rebecca's claims that anything paranormal was happening in the house, explaining some events as the result of Rebecca's insomnia. Elizabeth believes Rebecca carved the symbols under Katie's bed herself, and that her being a fan of the Black Tapes podcast led to her manipulating her experiences and drawing conclusions based on her belief in the paranormal.

Alex's Insomnia Edit

At Nic's suggestion, Alex reveals that she's been experiencing insomnia, and she does so in the hopes that revealing her struggle will help her overcome it.

Alex's Visit to the Strand Institute Edit

Alex goes to Chicago to visit Strand's assistant, Ruby, in order to obtain some answers regarding Strand's whereabouts. While at the institute and when Ruby leaves to attend other business, Alex enters Strand's office to discover documents, articles and notes posted to the walls, and several computers and disk drives on his desk. As Ruby returns and warns Alex she's not allowed to be there, Strand appears and greets Alex.

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Recurring Characters Edit

Alex Reagan, host and producer

Dr. Richard Strand, paranormal investigator

Nic Silver, producer

Guest Characters Edit

Rebecca Yi, daughter and home experiencing paranormal activity

Elizabeth Sawyer, nanny to Rebecca's daughter, Katie

Ruby Carver, Dr. Strand's assistant

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