"Speak No Evil, Think No Evil" aired on February 2, 2016.

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Strand Asks for Help Edit

After Dr. Strand finds Alex in his office, he asks her to stop recording; though Alex doesn't reveal what was said, she explains that Strand agreed she could air what he told her if it becomes pertinent to her investigation. When Alex talks to Nic, he expresses concern that Strand might be manipulating her in some way, and warns Alex to be careful.

Later, Strand calls Alex to see if she's received any new information on Coralee. Alex explains the only information she found was a possible connection with Thomas Warren, and a loose tie his company--the Daiva Corporation--has with Strand's Seattle placement. Alex pays a visit to an address she tracked down as possibly a shell company disguised by Warren, and after buzzing suites at random and speaking with an occupant of the building, he confirms Daiva Corporation once used the location for meetings. He gives Alex the number of the building's superintendent.

Colville Connection to Brothers of the Mount and Deer-Footed Creature Edit

Nic had received an email from a listener directing him to a story from Colville, where a poacher who had been living in a lean-to in the national park had taken his own life after a standoff with authorities. Though he didn't have any I.D., he did possess a small book with "strange content", which the investigating sheriff scanned and forwarded to Nic. Nic was also given the number of the hunter who first reported the poacher, and asks Alex to contact him, as the hunter had a camera set up in the area and reported recording some strange footage. Alex calls Rick Podeski, and after expressing his appreciation of the podcast, he talks with Alex about the footage he had sent her from his tree stand, which was fitted with a night vision camera. The footage reveals a man wearing a burlap sack, drawing on the ground with a stick and reading from a book he was carrying; Podeski mentions he reported the incident after hearing about Sebastian's kidnapping on the podcast. He talks Alex through the second clip he forwarded her, where it appears only two legs like those of a deer enter the frame.

Alex pays a visit to Gloria Cohen, a rare books dealer in Seattle to whom Nic sent a copy of the pages of the book found on the body of the poacher. She confirms the contents as written in a combination of Latin and Russian and includes a section on herbal remedies, though it is primarily comprised of spells to raise demons. Cohen tries to get Alex to chant demon names, specifically "Azazeel" which chanted at night will invite the demon into our world, with her in the spirit of fun, but Alex declines, and later wonders if her insomnia that night was related to the incident.

Appointment with the Sleep Doctor Edit

At Nic's urging, Alex makes an appointment with Dr. Monique Bernier, a sleep doctor, in order to get to the root of her insomnia. The doctor suggests keeping a sleep journal and making an entry every morning, and Alex expresses interest in making recordings as part of an audio journal instead.

Amalia's Reappearance Edit

Amalia calls Alex from the Sea-Tac airport in Seattle and asks if she can stay with her for a time.

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Recurring Characters Edit

Alex Reagan, host and producer

Nic Silver, producer

Amalia Chenkova, journalist

Guest Characters Edit

Rick Podeski, hunter

Gloria Cohen, rare book dealer

Dr. Monique Bernier, sleep doctor

Occupant of previous Daiva Corp. building

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