"All in the Family" aired on May 24, 2016.

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Keith Dabic in Glushka Edit

Alex and Nic debate the usefulness in going to Glushka in pursuit of Keith Dabic, whose photo they believe was taken at the now infamous monastery. Nic points out that he may not even be there anymore, or he could be dead.

Interview with Cheryl Strand Edit

Alex gets in touch with Cheryl Strand, connecting with her after viewing a black tape in Dr. Strand's collection labelled "Cheryl", that contained footage of two children--Richard and Cheryl--where Cheryl claimed to see large figures in their backyard that had eventually infiltrated their home. Cheryl tells Alex that she last spoke with Richard 20 years ago, around the time Coralee disappeared. Cheryl confirms that she saw the strange figures when she and Strand were children, and that he became convinced they were actually after their family, leading to their father disciplining Strand harshly for his adamancy in his belief in the unexplained figures. Cheryl ends the interview by suggesting Alex ask Strand about "the boy in the river".

Alex visits Strand in his father's home in Seattle that he inherited, but when pressed about Cheryl and how he had lied to Alex about knowing her at all, he asks Alex to leave.

Nic Confronts Alex Edit

Alex wants to play the audio she captured of Strand and Amalia without their knowledge while they were talking in the studio, but Nic warns her that it would be unprofessional and unethical. Alex initially resists, but Nic tells her to erase the audio and tell the audience what she discovered, instead. Alex eventually concedes and admits she was in the wrong.

Trip to Victoria Edit

Nic plays a recording from Alex that seems to be from the same computerized voice that Dr. Strand believed came from Coralee. This time, the message only says, "Don't go, they know." Despite the warning, Alex departs for Victoria, B.C. after she learns that Strand was on his way there. She meets Strand at the Empress Hotel and they check into the room that he and his wife had reserved during their honeymoon, the previous dispute between him and Alex apparently forgotten. He points out a painting that he doesn't remember belonging to this room, but that was hanging in his and Coralee's room in Moscow during a stay there. He identifies it as an Ilya Repin before taking it out of the frame and asking Alex to take a photo of something written on the back of the print. They're interrupted by a couple who claimed that this was their room, forcing Alex and Strand to relocate to different rooms.

On the ferry back home, Strand's and Alex's cars were both broken into and their luggage and personal belongings stolen, and the police admitted it was probably no coincidence given that they were parked on opposite sides of the ferry.

Conversation with Simon Reese Edit

Upon Alex's return to the studio, Nic tells her an "old friend" is awaiting her call. She's put in touch with Simon Reese, who explains that he killed his parents because they were subjecting himself and other children to strange rituals dedicated to destroying the world by bringing about the apocalypse through opening a portal to hell. He suggests that others are still after children for the same purpose, and that Strand is being followed by the same people. He tells Alex not to blame herself for Maddie Franks' death because she was also one of those people, and that Amalia has more information than she's letting on, particularly regarding her recent stay in Russia.

Confrontation with Amalia Edit

Alex calls Amalia for more information after Simon's phone call, but Amalia tells Alex to stop before she does "any more damage". She explains that she's been avoiding Alex because Alex has been acting strange--short-tempered, distracted--and that she didn't appreciate Alex sending her an email with a strange sound file attached. When Alex asks for clarification because she knows she didn't send Amalia such a message, Amalia forwards it to Alex and Alex discovers someone had sent Amalia a file of the Unsound.

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Recurring Characters Edit

Alex Reagan, producer and host

Nic Silver, producer

Dr. Richard Strand, paranormal investigator

Simon Reese, former patient at Three Rivers State Hospital

Guest Characters Edit

Cheryl Strand, Richard Strand's sister

Amalia Chenkova, journalist

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