"Riverview" first aired on June 21, 2016. 


Book Cipher CodeEdit

Nic and Alex determine that the code left behind the painting Strand discovered in Victoria translates to "Leave me. Find Advocate. Simon Reese."

Alex contacts Nic's friend Steve, an advanced mathematics professor at the University of British Columbia, who points out that there are small symbols hiding in the numbers in the code, whose symbological translations result in pentagrams and ancient equations that may point to other dimensions; essentially, sacred geometry.

Visit to Riverview Hospital, "E. Hausdorff"Edit

On their way to visit Thomas Warren, Nic and Alex stop by Riverview Hospital, as Alex's friend--a location scout--mentioned that a security guard working at the hospital during a shoot in the early 90s came across a box of what appeared to be patient records. As Riverview used to be a mental hospital, the guard thought the records might be worth investigating, and so lent them to Alex. The files included a case on E. Hausdorff, and an audio cassette which documented a man, presumably Hausdorff's doctor, speaking about the patient's behavior: he says the patient has been gaining access to other patients at night, and has self-inflicted wounds including permanently damaging one of his eyes and trying to peel his face off. The doctor mentions treatment by a Father Agostini, possibly an exorcism, but that the patient eventually regressed, trying to remove someone else's face with a butter knife. The other items in Hausdorff's file included his drawings of figures similar to those in the cave in Bath and the ones found in Urraca Mesa. Nic and Alex note the similarities between this case and Simon Reese, and wonder if it's a spreading phenomenon amongst other people as well.Meeting with SammieTheir meeting with Thomas Warren a bust, Nic and Alex encounter Sammie, who turns out to be the woman they contacted by sending an unstamped letter to a mailbox in Portland to get information on the Advocate.

Strand points out figures in the photos found in Hausdorff's file that resemble Pelori, imps or evil leaders tasked with watching children until they were old enough to be bled in sacrifice to the old god. But he mentions that the symbology in the coded numbers they discovered actually point to a different type of guardian, a watcher tasked with protecting his or her ward and only intervening when necessary.

The Boy and the RiverEdit

The PNWS intern finds information on a boy named Bobby Maimes whose body was found near Redbank Creek in 1976, which could be the boy that Cheryl Strand was referring to.

Simon Reese Goes MissingEdit

Fred Barnes calls to tell Alex that Simon Reese has disappeared from Three Rivers Hospital.


Recurring CharactersEdit

Alex Reagan, host and producer

Nic Silver , producer

Dr. Richard Strand , paranormal investigator

Guest CharactersEdit

Alexander Comp (Xander), security guard

Unidentified Doctor

Sammie, has information on The Advocate

Steve, advanced mathematics teacher at the University of British Columbia

Fred Barnes, aid at Three Rivers Hospital