Fiona DeNevers was a bank teller who died of a heart attack on Black Tape #4.[1]

Background Edit

Prior to her death, Fiona worked as a bank teller in Charlesworth, WA.

Personality Edit

Little is known about Fiona's personality, as Alex and Dr. Strand's investigation focused primarily on the circumstances regarding her death, and later shifted their focus to the legend of Sarah Benning.

Relationships Edit

Crystal: Fiona's sister. The state of their relationship prior to Fiona's death is unknown.

Linda: Fiona's grandmother. The state of their relationship prior to Linda's death is unknown.

Appearances Edit

Episode 104: Dr. Strand shows Alex the fourth black tape, and describes what he knows of the circumstances surrounding Fiona's death. The two later travel to Charlesworth to investigate further.

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References Edit

  1. The Black Tapes Podcast, Episode 104