Keith Dabic was the guitarist and lyricist of Seattle rock band Hastur Rising. He sent Dr. Strand Black Tape #3.[1]

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Keith was the first member of Hastur Rising to have an interest in the occult. He introduced it to his bandmates, although Jeff Wendt was the only one who took it seriously.

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Upon first meeting Alex, Keith tells her he is a fan of the podcast.

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Jeff Wendt: During an interview with Alex, Keith describes Jeff as his best friend.

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Episode 103:

Went to Russia to look for a cure to the curse of the Unsound. Alex and Nic have been unable to contact him there. He sent them one voicemail and some emails, including an odd sound file and a selfie that indicates he is now at the monastery at Glushka.

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  1. The Black Tapes Podcast, Episode 103