Maria Torres-Rodriguez is the estranged wife of Robert Torres, and the mother of Sebastian Torres. After the "tall man" that appeared to be following Robert since childhood attached itself to their son Sebastian, Maria took Sebastian and moved to Los Gatos, where she goes by the name Maria Rodriguez.

Background Edit

Maria claimed to see the shadowy figure that seemed to accompany Sebastian everywhere, standing over his bed and watching from the doorway as she bathed him. After Dr. Strand visited the family to investigate, Robert tried to convince Maria that the noises and visions could be explained, but she maintained the voices and the shadowy figure were real and blamed Robert for its presence.

She does not keep photos of Sebastian since all of them would feature the shadowy, tall man (or "Tall Paul" as Sebastian would call his "friend" that only he could see) and during one interview she showed Alex and Strand what appeared to be a face burned into the wall of Sebastian's closet.

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Appearances Edit

Episode 101: Maria appears indirectly when Alex describes Black Tape 2, Robert and Maria's wedding footage, to the audience.

Relationships Edit

Robert Torres: Maria's husband, from whom she is estranged.

Sebastian Torres: Maria's son.

Quotes Edit

"How's Maria doing?" / "Not good." – Richard Strand & Robert Torres[1]

"Maria is the kind of woman you want on your side in the event of a zombie apocalypse: no-nonsense, street-smart, and strong. Her eyes are narrow, but open incredibly wide when she wants you to know what she's saying is important." – Alex Reagan[1]

"She clearly has a thing for roosters." (possibly a reference to her kitchen design) – Alex Reagan[1]

References Edit

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