Michelle Braid was a participant in the ideomotor response study at the University of Washington in 1993. She identified the 'contact' from the talking board as her grandfather Samuel.[1]

Background Edit

Michelle participated in the second day of the experiment, during which volunteers used the demon board rather than an ordinary ouija board. At the time of the experiment, Michelle was a nursing student (likely at the University of Washington).

At some point, Michelle became head nurse at St. Joseph's Hospital in Everett, WA, a position she still holds.

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Appearances Edit

Episode 108: Alex and Strand watch a tape which features Michelle. Later, Alex conducts a phone interview with Michelle about her experiences during the experiment.

Relationships Edit

Dr. Isaiah Roth: Dr. Roth lied to Michelle about the results of the experiment. Michelle was unaware of this fact until told by Alex during their interview.

Samuel: Michelle's grandfather, who used to brush her hair back from her shoulder as a gesture of affection.

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References Edit

  1. The Black Tapes Podcast, "Episode 108 - Board to Death" (transcript)