Affiliation of the Benedictine Code, where Percival Black is a member. A chapter in Bulgaria has become notorious for its monastery in Glushka; they, like Percival Black’s order, broke away from the mainstream Benedictines in the 16th century. In 1742, a monk there named Ivan threw himself from the top floor of the monastery’s tower. There’s an old Bulgarian children’s song about his suicide and a particular line in the song translates roughly to, “Ivan thinks he can fly to God, but the Devil has him by the ankles. The pale robes still shake their heads", the pale robes being a reference to the brothers of the Order of the Cenophus.

The monks allowed a seance to take place in Glushka in 1983, led by clairvoyant who appeared to be in contact with a spirit that influenced her unconscious drawing of shadowy figures, one taller than the other two.

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