According to Dr. Richard Strand, Pazuzu is often called the ruler of demons in ancient Babylonian mythology.[1]

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In Episode 108, Alex tracks down a demon board used in a Ouija experiment, and the current owner identifies it as a Zuzu board, keeping the board and planchette in separate areas of his home so that an evil spirit may not be summoned.

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Episode 108: While investigating Black Tape 7, Dr. Strand describes Pazuzu to Alex Reagan, saying that the phrase "Zuzu board" is a reference to Pazuzu.

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  • In real Mesopotamian religion, Pazuzu was only the king of the demons of the wind. Although he was a malevolent figure, he also fought against other evil spirits, protecting humans in the process.[1]
  • Devon Williams refers to his demon board as a "Zuzu board", leading to Alex's conversation with Strand, although the widely-used term is actually "Zozo board". This may be a mistake on Williams' part, or "Zuzu boards" may be the Black Tapes universe's version of "Zozo boards".

References Edit

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