Robert Torres is the subject of Black Tapes 1 and 2. He once contacted Dr. Richard Strand to investigate a shadowy presence (the "tall man") that seems to have been following him his entire life, seen in video footage from his fifth birthday to his wedding when he was 42.[1][2]

Background Edit

Robert claims to have been followed by a shadowy figure over the course of his life, until after Strand's first visit, when he believes it was passed on to his son.

Personality Edit

Robert is shown to be much more reluctant to believe in paranormal phenomena than his wife. However, he now seems to entertain the notion that the shadowy figure is real.

Appearances Edit

Episode 101: Robert appears indirectly when Alex describes the first black tape to the audience.

Episode 102: Robert agrees to an interview with Alex and Dr. Strand, where he describes feeling like he was followed by the presence regularly until Strand came to observe and debunk the phenomenon, after which Robert's wife began to observe the shadowy figure around their son. Robert becomes audibly frustrated when Strand continues to reinforce skeptical explanations for the events.

During her narration throughout the interview, Alex notes that Robert's suggestion that Maria seek professional help put a strain on their marriage until she finally moved out and took Sebastian with her, blaming Robert for "passing" the tall man onto their son.

Relationships Edit

Maria Torres-Rodriguez: Robert's wife, from whom he is estranged. She blames Robert for "passing" the tall man to their son.

Sebastian Torres: Robert's son. Sebastian lives with Maria, so he and his father may also be estranged.

Dr. Richard Strand: In their interview, Robert displays animosity towards Dr. Strand, whom Alex believes he blames for his dissolved marriage.

Quotes Edit

“His hair has a bit more grey than someone in his mid-forties would normally have, and he has the look of someone who doesn’t sleep well, and probably hasn’t for a long time." - Alex Reagan[2]

"He looked helpless. When he looked at Strand, that helplessness turned to anger." – Alex Reagan[2]

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References Edit

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