Subject of Black Tapes 1 and 2. He once contacted Dr. Richard Strand to investigate a shadowy presence (the "tall man") that seems to have been following him his entire life, seen in video footage from his fifth birthday to his wedding when he was 42. He agrees to an interview with Alex Reagan and Strand (in Episode 102 ), where he describes feeling like he was followed by the presence regularly until Strand came to look into the events and offer an explanation as to what may have been occurring. After Strand left, however, Robert's wife, Maria, still saw a shadowy figure standing over their son, Sebastian 's bed, and standing in the doorway when she was giving Sebastian a bath.

During his interview with Alex and Strand, Strand reinforces his real-world explanations for the events that continued to haunt Maria, but Robert becomes audibly frustrated with Strand; during her narration throughout the interview, Alex notes that Robert's suggestion that Maria seek professional help put a strain on their marriage until she finally moved out and took Sebastian with her, blaming Robert for "passing" the tall man onto their son.

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