Tannis Braun is a noted psychic and parapsychologist, as well as the founder of the Braun Institute for Higher Learning. He claims to be able to bilocate.[1]

Background Edit

According to Alex, Tannis was "a hot ticket on the talk show circuit" in the 1990s.

He is also a bestselling author of multiple books on paranormal phenomena, including The Ghost Within.[1]

Personality Edit

Tannis has a warm personality, and seems to be open towards meeting new people. According to Alex, he is "a good hiking companion".[1]

Relationships Edit

Alex Reagan: Tannis is friendly with Alex, and allows her to observe and accompany him on his search for Sebastian Torres.

Dr. Richard Strand: Tannis is less openly hostile to Dr. Strand than most other paranormal experts. However, when Alex asks whether Dr. Strand can accompany her and Tannis as they search for Sebastian , he says Dr. Strand will "have to read about it in [Tannis'] next book".[1]

Appearances Edit

Episode 107: The Los Gatos police department calls Tannis in for help with the search for Sebastian Torres. Alex accompanies him as he searches for Portola State Park.

Quotes Edit

  • "His charming brand of self-help infomercial thinking and enthusiasm for unlocking human potential did strike me as a little hokey. But there was definitely something seductive about the man himself." – Alex Reagan[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Tannis says he is familiar with The Black Tapes Podcast, although it is unknown whether or not he is a fan.
  • Tannis claims to Alex that Vladimir Lenin was able to bilocate.

References Edit

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